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The Perfect External Cleaning

Driveways, patios and paths get covered in stains and weeds very quickly and they require regular maintenance to be in top condition. Our specialist techniques guarantees to fully remove stains, weeds and signs of pollution. We have made driveways, patios and paths spotless across the local area for many years! When booking our cleaning services, you can rest assured of the perfect balance of affordable rates with top results.

  • Deep cleaning - our team will pre-treat stains caused by oil, chewing gum, bird droppings and more, for the best possible results.
  • We clean areas made of stone, concrete, flagstone, paver, brick, and almost any other material.
  • Our company has an ongoing policy to protect both your health and the environment... we use eco-friendly cleaning products when removing weeds and stains.

Our exterior wall cleaning team have the right skills and tools to perfectly clean wood, stone, brick and painted building surfaces. Our years of experience have allowed us to improve our skills and to find the ultimate solution for different surfaces and stains.

  • We use a number of cleaning methods, including steam cleaning, pressure washing and cleaning detergent application, depending on the material the walls are made of.
  • Our team uses eco friendly cleaning products, as part of our policy to deliver environmentally safe services.