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Building Cleaning & Soft Washing Service

We use low pressure soft washing combined with specialist cleaning chemicals for the gentle but highly effective cleaning of house and building exteriors, render, painted surfaces and brick walls , UPVC, timber & metal cladding cleaning, roof cleaning, tarmac, concrete , shop and office signage, tennis courts, fascia and soffit cleaning, facade and stucco cleaning and all external hard surfaces.

Our Building Cleaning and Soft washing service is the safest, professional way of cleaning more delicate surfaces and those that are likely to be damaged by powerful high pressure cleaning. ALL OUR SERVICES ARE PROTECTED BY PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE COVER.

What is Soft Washing?

Soft washing is the low pressure cleaning of hard surfaces using specialist outdoor cleaning products that avoid the need for high pressure cleaning and the risk of damage. Surfaces such as brick walls, render, masonry, fascias. soffits, UPVC, cladding, timber, tarmac and roofs are not suited to the powerful blast of pressure washers and need to be cleaned with care.

Soft wash is the perfect solution with powerful cleansing provided by the products used rather than water pressure,then scrubbed and rinsed with a water fed pole.

Green, Red & Black Algae, Moss and Biological Spores Removed & Killed

With the necessary experience, equipment and chemical products we are able to remove green and black algae, staining, mould and mildew from ender, walls and other hard surfaces. This also kills all biological spores and with a biocidal treatment the surface gets long term protection against regrowth.

If it’s outside. . . we clean it!

We are able to clean all outdoor areas and house and building exterior render, stone and painted surfaces, fascias, soffits and cladding, wall cleaning, window cleaning, driveway, patio and block paving cleaning, roof cleaning and pressure washing.